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A Story from Allotmenteer 65+

I’m on my third allotment, here at Hurst Road; and it’s turned out to be the friendliest.

I’ve been on plot 18 for over 6 years. As is usual, I took over a plot which had lacked enthusiastic attention for some time. That’s not to say that it is now perfect. Far from it, but, I am making a difference. I’ve ripped up the buddleia, nettles and

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Our Polytunnel

We moved to Twyford in May 2008 from Woodley where we had lived for 33 years. We had had allotments in Woodley for 25 years and really enjoyed allotmenteering. One of the reasons for choosing our present house in Twyford was that the Hurst Road allotment site was a few minutes walk away. Unfortunately for us there was a waiting list for plots, but we put our names down within weeks of moving in.

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