TRHA Autumn Show 2019

TRHA put on a spectacular Autumn Show this year. Well done to all TATA members who entered!

There were some fantastic award winning entries in a number of categories including heaviest pumpkin (affectionately known as ‘Big Bertha’ – Malcolm – hope your back recovers …), first in class parsnips (a lot of patience required to dig these up!), melt in the mouth boiled fruit cake, scrumptious chutney and divine plum jam. A TATA family member even won 1st prize for ‘arrangement of weeds in a jam jar’.

The TRHA hosts 3 shows a year: Spring, Summer and Autumn. There are a variety of categories including flowers, fruit and vegetables, domestic, art and floral art and a childrens category. The upcoming winter months are a great time to think and plan for the 2020 shows. Have a go – it really is good fun taking part (although some may need to re-think their idea of ‘fun’ – clambering up plum trees at 7 in the morning on the day of the show – at least it wasn’t raining!).